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A new revolution by Betfair Games

A new casino has been launched by the Malta-based gaming arm of the worlds leading betting exchange, they are the Betfair Games. The specialty of this newly launched casino is that there is no house edge! This new online casino is expected to attract almost 80 percent of the Betfair’s casino users. Another attractive feature is the Zero Lounge and adapted versions of Jacks, Better and Baccarat, Blackjack and Roulette are presently offered in this Lounge.
The Zero rule has been removed for Roulette, it actually means that there is 50 percent winning chance for the players who bet on a colour as it is 48.6 offered by standard European roulette. It is said that the Zero Lounge is a very attractive proposition for any of the person who would play online casinos.
It was actually told that the words fair and casino do not contradict each other but with this having no house edge, the players would be given a fair chance! On the Zero Lounge games of Baccarat ,Blackjack, and Jacks or Better, the players are supposed to play the correct strategy so as to get the advantage of zero house edge. But in Roulette it offers zero strategy always regardless of the strategy!
In the case of Black jack the dealer should not surrender late will have to stand on soft 17 and there will be a 2-1 payout which is on suited natural Blackjack and also on five card21.For Jacks or Better ,the payout which is a royal flush one has been increased. On the other hand the house edge for Baccarat has been decreased to zero as the commission charge has been lowered from 5 percent to 2.75 percent. The Betfair Casino also offers a larger view of the traditional casino games.

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