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China on the Verge to Legalize Online Casinos

The Chinese have been in opposition to gambling since communists swept to power in 1949. In was after a long time that main house gambling was legalized in China after a load of controversies. In the 21st century, Macau is standing on the threshold of a new frontier due to her special status within China as the only region where gambling is legal.
Now, China is reconsidering to legalize online casino. CEO of a company which sells Baccarat machines, Mr. Tony Tong informed that the Chinese government is thinking about licensing online casinos in an effort to establish themselves in Macaus. There are 2 cities in Macau which have 26 legal gambling facilities available. The 26 gambling facilities consist of casinos and pari-mutuel facilities. Legally the only types of gambling available in Macau are: casinos, pari-mutuel, dog tracks, and horse tracks.
The Chinese government has been taking heavy taxes from the gambling industry, about 40 percent on the house winnings of Macau. If online casinos become legalized, then China government’s revenue will of course rise and there will be lot more tax for them to collect as the online gambling arena is growing high in the Asian market. One of the companies hoping to enter the market is GiaMedia. It is a Taiwanese group and it had bought a Canadian online company and also sells games software. The company owns as site named FunTown which is already the largest Mahjong site in the world. The players play this Chinese game for points and prizes.
Tong also gave other information, and he pointed out the fact that Asian online gambler is not the type who enjoys random number generators and instead they prefer the live gaming with chat with the dealer. Anyways, online casino industry is likely to be welcomed in China with the Chinese government being interested in the tax factor of casinos.

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