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Blackjack Switch

Blackjack Switch is a modification of Blackjack. So if you know Blackjack, then mastering Blackjack Switch would not be a big deal. Blackjack originated in the 18th century in France. Blackjack Switch has some slight changes from the standard Blackjack rules but these changes form the base of the game.
The game uses eight 52-card decks. The dealer shuffles the cards before a game. The cards from 2 to 1o count as their face value. Jack, Queen and Kings count as ten. The aim of the game is to total the value of the players either hand to be closer to 21than the dealer’s cards. The value should not exceed 21.
The rules are same as in Blackjack. The difference is that the player has two hands. Each hand can be played in turns. First, the right hand and then the left. The dealer plays in turns after this. The player can switch the top two cards. Thus the name-Blackjack Switch. The player can split, double, take insurance etc as in standard Blackjack. Also the difference other than the two hands and the switching is that, the dealer can draw a card more when he reaches 17 with an ace. This is known as ‘hit soft 17’. In standard Blackjack , the rule is that the dealer gets the Blackjack if the player doubles and the dealers first card is of value 10, the player still looses only the initial bet.
This rule does not hold in Blackjack Switch. The dealer has another loophole to his win, this is called as ‘Push 22’. When a dealer’s total reaches 22, then all bets are removed unless a player has ‘Blackjack’, who still wins. Blackjack’s pay 1/1 instead of 3/2. Casinos also have an area called ‘Super Match’ bet area. This is an optional bet. The player wins a super bet if his 4 initial cards has 2 or more cards of the same kind (a pair of Queen, Jack or King, 3 Aces etc)

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