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LotsaLoot Progressive Slot

LotsaLoot Slot game is a three reel, five coins and five payline Progressive online casino slot game. The multiple paylines increases the chances of winning.
LotsaLoot Slot game has a wild symbol and a multiplier symbol. The LotsaLoot symbol is a wild symbol and can substitute any other symbol to form the winning combination. A single LotsaLoot symbol on any of the any of the combination it completes will pay the player double the amount. Two LotsaLoot symbols will quadruple the payout on the winning combination. It’s a five coin slot game and for each coin the player bets, another payline is enabled. The player is paid only for the winning combinations on the enabled paylines.
The Progressive Jackpot is activated only when the player bets the maximum number of five coins. Progressive jackpot is available only to players with a Real Account in that online casino. The Progressive Jackpot is constantly accumulating and reaches millions of dollars. The current value of the jackpot will be displayed on the game in credits. The player wins the Progressive Jackpot if the player bets five coins per spin and three LotsaLoot symbols appear on the fifth enabled payline. When a player wins the LotsaLoot Progressive Jackpot at an online casino, then the players worldwide are informed and the jackpot amount at the casino is set to the minimum value.
Payout Table for LotsaLoot Progressive Slot Game
Combination Coins Won
3-Seven symbols 80
3 Three-Bar symbols 60
3 Two-Bar symbols 40
3 One-Bar symbols 10
Any 3 Bar symbols 4

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