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What on Earth

What on Earth game welcomes each player into an extra terrestrial world. The player encounters a bunch of interesting creatures as the game proceeds.
What on Earth is a five reel slot game. It has a nine payline. This fact of multiple paylines increases the players’ chances of winning.  It is a forty five coin online slot.
What on Earth has a wild symbol. It also has three scatter symbols, the wild symbol substitute the Port Hole and Console symbols for the winning combination. The scatter symbols are Shuttle, Saucer and Rocket. To win, the scatter symbols need not appear in a line. To win, three or more of the scatter symbols should appear scattered on the adjacent reels.
The bonus feature of What on Earth is the Beam ‘em Up bonus game. When three Saucer symbols or three Shuttle symbols are displayed on adjacent reels, the Beam ‘em Up bonus game gets activated. The Saucer and Shuttle symbols are displayed only on the 3rd, 4th and 5th reel. Three or more Rocket symbols also activate Beam ‘em Up bonus game. The Beam ‘em Up bonus game can trigger a Beam ‘em Up Contest bonus game or a Destination bonus game. In this game, the player will have to choose an alien. Beam ‘em Up bonus game is triggered when the selected alien beams up a contest invitation. This alien will be in direct contest with the other aliens to beam up the maximum possible earthlings. The Destination bonus game is triggered when the alien beams up a Globe. The player then should select one of the destinations out of the four. Then the game is to select an alien that beams up an earthling to win a multiplier value.
What on Earth Payout Table
Symbol Name 1 Symbol 2 Symbol 3 Symbol 4 Symbol 5 Symbol
What on Earth 4 20 200 1,000 7,500
Port Hole 3 10 50 200 1,000
Console 3 5 25 100 500
Asteroid - - 25 100 250
Watermelon Planet - - 15 80 200
Plum Saturn - - 10 50 150
Orange Sun - - 10 40 100
Cherry Comet - - 3 10 50

Number of Rocket Symbols on Screen Multiply Total Credit Bet by
5 100
4 25
3 3

Number of Saucer Symbols on Screen Multiply total Credits Bet by
3 3

Number of Shuttle Symbols on Screen Multiply total Credits Bet by
3 3

What On Earth

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