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Pontoon is a British variation of the game of Blackjack. The game is also known in the name of Twenty-One. The game is said to be a predecessor to the game of Blackjack. Pontoon can now be played at online casinos powered by Playtech, Microgaming, Cryptologic and Real Time Gaming.
The game objective is to get as close as possible to 21 but the sum of the card values should not go over 21. The card values are same as that in the game of Blackjack. To win the player hand must be more close to 21 than the dealers' hand. The game makes use of six to eight decks of cards of 52 cards in each deck.
The hand rankings are:
1) A Pontoon combination is a hand of an ace card and any 10-point card. A Pontoon pays 2:1.
2) Hand strength of 21 points or less. A winning hand is paid 1:1.
3) A Five card trick is a five card had that does not bust. The total point value can be 21 or less. This pays 2:1
4) A busted hand of 21 hand value or more.
The players first place the wager. Once the wager is made, the dealer deals two cards face up to the player and two cards face down is dealt to the dealer. The face cards have a value of ten and the other cards have the card value as the face value of the card. The value of the Ace card is counted as either as 1 or 11. If counting the card value sums the hand value above twenty one, then the Ace card value is automatically taken to be 1.
Once the cards are dealt, the dealer checks his card for a Pontoon. If the dealer has a Pontoon, then the dealer wins and all the wagers and cards are collected. If the dealer does not have a pontoon, then the game continues.
The player must twist if the player has a hand of total of 14 or less. If greater than 14, then the player can choose to stand. The player can stick if he has a hand of 15 or over.. On Sticking, the player requests that he receives no more cards. After choosing Stand, the cards in the players hand as such are evaluated against the dealers' hand. The player cannot hit if he holds a five card trick. The online casino can recognize if the player holds a Five Card trick.
The player can Buy or Double only once per hand. The player can Hit (Twist) after Doubling (Buying) till the player Sticks or Busts. If the player has two cards or equal value, a Split button will appear. The player can split the cards into two hands and each hand can be played separately. The player can also re-split till a level of three hands.
Payout for Pontoon Online Casino Game
Result Payoff
Winning Hand 1:1
Pontoon 2:1
5 Card Trick 2:1
Tie Dealer Wins

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