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InstaCash works along with the customers NETeller account. It is quick, easy and secure. It is the fastest way to fund the NETeller account through your bank account. InstaCash is currently available to US clients only. It acts like a debit card, the funds are debited ffrom the bank account and credited to the NETeller account and this can be transfer to any Neteller merchant online. Most online casinos accept InstaCash as a payment method. Online casinos have found favor in InstaCash method of payment and offer bonuses for the use of InstaCash as payment method.
The signing up process is very easy. First the customer has to have a NETeller account. Register the checking account with NETeller. The checking account can be had from any paper check attached to the checking account. The customer will then have to answer the identity verification questions. These answers are not stored and are solely for verification purpose. If the answers are answered correctly, then the client can credit his NETeller account with upto $750 from the registered bank account. If the identity can not be verified, then a small amount will be credited to the given bank account. This deposit will arrive in 1-5 working days. As soon as this amount is known, the client can log in to his NETeller account and click on ‘Verify your bank account’. Then on entering the correct amount deposited, the access to InstaCash will be opened.
InstaCash payment can be made in two ways. The client can transfer funds instantly from the bank account to the NETeller account. The client will have to sign in to the NETeller Account and click on ‘InstaCash Deposit’. The member can then transfer funds directly to an online merchant. The funds can be transferred immediately but it will take up to 4 days for the amount to leave the bank account.
To most merchants who support NETeller allow to make deposit at their website using InstaCash. The customer will be prompted to enter the last 4 digit of the bank account number. The amount of payment will be transferred from the bank account to the merchant website directly without leaving the site. So merchants also cover all or some of the merchants InstaCash fees. So the members can save big money by using Instacash.
The InstaCash limits can be raised through various steps. Initially the total limit is $750. This limit is obtained on member verification itself. The limit can be raised to $750 per week by verifying the bank account with NETeller. For more information see Register your checking account. To increase the limit to $1,500, the member should have verified his bank account and also an amount of $1,500 must have been successfully cleared. To raise the limit to $3000 per week, the bank account must be verified plus a payment of $3000 must have been successfully cleared from the member’s NETeller account.
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