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UKASH Deposit

Universal e-Cash Ltd was created in August 2004 and is a joint venture between Smart Voucher plc and Proc Cyber Services Ltd. Smart Voucher plc was set up in April 2001. It was established to allow for the creation, purchase and redemption of vouchers in-store and on the Internet. Smart Voucher provides the technology for Ukash. It uses the service if Energis. It operates in a dual host environment that ensures total reliability. The system has been live since July 2003. Proc Cyber Services Ltd was established in 1998.  Over 150 online casinos use the service of Proc Cyber Services Ltd. Ukash is now available in UK, Ireland, Spain and Germany. Ukash will be made available soon in France, Belgium and Netherlands. It is always updating its service areas.
Ukash is easy to busy and simple to use. The customer will have to buy Ukash vouchers from recognized retailers. It has over 30,000 outlets all over United Kingdoms. The member can go to this website and type in the postal code. It is that easy to find a nearest retailer. The voucher has a unique 19-digit number.  This number is used like a card number. The major attraction is that the customer need not undergo long registration processes. There is no registration required or need of an account set up to buy or deposit Ukash online. The consumer needs only go to a nearby retailer and hand over cash (GBP5/EUR7.50 – GBP100/EUR150) in exchange for the Ukash voucher. This voucher can now be used at your favorite online casino. 
Using Ukash, anyone can carry on online financial transaction without using a credit or a debit card. Online casinos in and around United Kingdom, Spain, Ireland, Germany, France, Belgium and Netherlands now use Ukash as a payment method. Anyone who does not have a credit or a debit card can go for Ukash. It is also preferred by people who don’t want to give off information on their bank account online. Ukash is safe and secure and keeps the identity of the user hidden. It is a desirable method when the customer wants to keep his purchase off the cards and account. The user need not provide any personal information to get an Ukash voucher and thus privacy is maintained.
The service as many promotional offers for its customers. The player can make 120 minutes free calls on skype with Ukash. The customer can get 130 minutes free with Quazzle. The player can also win his luck at HABBO collectible cards. offers free bet for Ukash customers. WinAsUGo offers free bonus promotion terms.
A customer can use Ukash wherever the Ukash logo is there. To use the card in online casinos, the player will have to log in to the casino banking page. From there choose Ukash as payment option. The 19 digit number code from the Ukash voucher is entered when prompted. The amount is entered. Ukash checks the value and the number and authorizes the transaction. Just a few steps and anyone can play in an online casino.
Online Casinos that accept UKASH Deposit

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