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Home Payment Option

Paysafecard Casinos Wertkarten AG is a Vienna based company. It has its subsidiaries in London, Vienna and Dusseldorf. It is Europe’s leading provider of alternative prepaid online payment system. It was founded in April 2000. The majority shareholders of Wertkarten AG are the Androsch Private Foundation and the Dörflinger Private Foundation. The BAWAG bank issues and administers Paysafecard as legal tender in Austria. BAWAG P.S.K has been paysafecard’s strategic partner since 2000. It is issued in Germany by the Commerzbank AG. It is one of Germany's - and Europe's - leading private-sector banks.
 In 2005, the number of cards sold has exceeded the count of one million. The service is now available in over 5 countries and 3 currencies. Paysafecard can be used to make swift and trouble-free payments through the internet without the need of a credit card number or personal account details.
With Paysafecard, payment can be made to over 2000 webshops which are partners of The online shops include shops that sell tickets, books, ring tones, games and much more. Paysafe is especially welcomed at Betting & Lottery, Games and Music download sites.
Paying with your Paysafe card is very easy. It is a simple three step process. The first step is to buy a Paysafe card. The Paysafe cards can be purchased at values of £10, £25, £50, and £75. The card can be purchased from over 50,000 retail outlets within Europe. The Paysafe cards can be bought from numerous tobacco shops, filling stations, electronic stores and in selected internet cafes. To find your Paysafe dealer close to you, use the online search. To make things simpler, the members can buy the Paysafe cards online too. Paysafe cards can be obtained online through the partner sites of Wertkartenverkauf, SysPort and psc24. The card can be bought online using direct debit, transfers (online transfers or bank transfer from home country and abroad) ad credit cards. It provides the PIN. This PIN provides all essential information which is the key to the transaction on internet. Up to ten Paysafe cards can be combined for any single transaction. If the total amount that the customer has to pay exceeds the amount in a single Paysafe card, the he can pay with more than 1 Paysafe cards to make up the total amount. Also, if the pay amount is less than the value of the Paysafe card, then the card will retain the balance amount for future transactions.
The next step is to select the Paysafecard at the “payment options” of the webshop. Now, type in the 16-digit PIN code. The payment is done. This same method is used for online casino transaction using Paysafe card.
    For increased security, the customer can choose to create a password for the Paysafecard. No cost is charged during the first three years of using Paysafecard. Only after this is an administration cost of 2 euros per month charged.
Online Casinos that accept Paysafecard

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