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Roulette is a famous casino game. The word roulette means ‘small wheel’. The history of Roulette cannot be traced as it is a very old game. It is a game of wheel and spinning ball and several such games were invented in the 17th and 18th century. It was Blaise Pascal who devised the first form of roulette in the 17th century. The 1st game look alike of modern Roulette has been noted to be introduced in Paris. Around the 19th century, single zero game was invented in France. The single zero machine was invented by Louis Blanc. He was invited by Monaco to operate a casino. This casino, Casino Monte Carlo set the arena for Roulette in Europe. This eventually had led to the establishment of Monaco as a casino city. The game reached United States in the early 1800’s. Roulette is also sometimes called the “King of Casino Games”. There is a certain interesting story to the numbers of the roulette wheel. Legends say that Francois Blanc had bargained with the devil to get the secrets of the Roulette. This legend is based on the finding that, on adding up the numbers on the roulette –from 1 to 36-the sum obtained is “666”. This number is believed to be the “Number of the Beast”.
The game is played by spinning a small ball on a round wheel. There are certain numbered slots in the wheel. The ball comes to rest in one of the numbered slots when the wheel stops turning. The basic aim of the game is to predict into which numbered slot the ball will fall.

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