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Gambling Dictionary - F

Face cards Refers to the cards of Jack, Queen or King.
Face Down It is a method in which the cards are dealt so that only the player sees them.
Fade To cover all part of a shooter’s central bet.
Fade Cover Term used for a bet against the bank in the game of Craps or Chemin de Fer.
Fading Game Open game of craps.
Faites Vos Jeux French term for “Place your bets”.
Fair Game Refers to a game in which the payoffs are equal to the chance of winning. Finding a fair game is not possible as all games have a casino house edge.
False Carding It is a Draw Poker strategy in which less number of cards are drawn to improve the hand and gives the appearance of a strong hand.
Fan Tan A simple Oriental casino game found in some Nevada Casinos. It is played with beans or buttons and the outcome is determined by the dealer who divides a pile of buttons with a stick. The buttons are separated four at a time until four is left. Then reduced to three and finally one is left.
Favourites Increased chances upcoming during a particular game.
Fan The act of spreading out the cards face up on the table in an arc shape. This resembles a fan. It is done by a dealer for verification and observation.
Faro A card game which uses a bank.
Fat Used to refer to a person with a large quantity of money.
F&B Short form for food and beverage.
Fever Term used for a Gambling habit. Used to refer to the number five in craps.
Field A craps wager that is good only for the consequent roll.
Field bet A craps wager where the bet is placed that the next number rolled will not be 5, 6, 7 or 8.
Fill The act of refilling the dealers bankroll with additional checks from the cage.
Fin A term for a five dollar bill.
Finals Roulette term. Refers to the right most digits on the Roulette wheel.
Finger The act of identifying a cheat.
Firm The act of maintaining a wager.
First base A player seated to the direct left of the dealer.
First basing A cheating technique where the player at the first base reads the dealer’s hole card.
Fix Cheating action done by cheats to determine or manipulate the outcome of a sporting event to win a wager.
Flag Term for a dice that has been modified and is no longer used.
Flagged Craps term where the player is passed by as the next shooter.
Flash The rapid display of a card, usually the dealer’s hole card.
Flashing Cheating technique in Blackjack. The dealer exposes the top card in the deck for his accomplice.
Flash work Cheating technique. The back of each card is shaded except for a tiny portion.
Flat Bet The wager of the same amount on each hand.
Flat top Slot machine with a fixed top prize. The top prize remains the same unlike progressive slot machines.
Flea Term used to refer to a small bettor.
Float Refers to the tray used in table games.
Float cover Refers to the lid of the chip tray which can be locked.
Floater A situation in Roulette where the roulette ball hangs up under the lip of the roulette wheel and does not fall.
Float Used to refer to hollowed out dice.
Flop Refer to the second round of betting in Texas Hold’em. In this round, three community cards are dealt face up on the board.
Flopping the deck Cheating technique. The dealer flips the cards deck so that the discarded cards are re dealt.
Floor man Casino employee responsible for any action on the floor.
Floor person Same as floor man
Flush Term for a player who has a lot of money or has won a large amount of money. A Poker term for a hand that contains five cards of the same suit.
Fold The Poker term for an act of giving up any claim to the pot. Used in the game of Caribbean Stud Poker to refer to the act of declining to call and thus surrendering the ante.
Foreign Checks Referred to chips from other casino.
Four of a Kind A hand of four cards that have the same value.
Freeze Out The action of forcing a gambler out of game.
French Wheel Roulette wheels with only one zero used in European Roulette Game.
Frets Dividers which form the numbered pockets on the Roulette wheel in which the ball rests.
Front Line Craps term for the pass line.
Front Loader Refers to a careless dealer who displays his hole card while dealing.
Front Money Describe the money put up by a player to ascertain credit with casino.
Fruit machine English term for slot machine. This is because the earliest slot reels used fruit symbols.
Full House Poker term to describe a hand with a three of a kind and a pair.
Full Moon Used to refer to a time when all the strange people show up in the casino.
Full Table Craps term for a crowded Craps table.

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