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Gambling Dictionary - R

Rabbit Used to refer to a person who gets scared easily.
Rack Used to describe a tray that holds the chips and is placed in the middle of the table next to the dealer .
Raffle Lottery
Rags Poker term for a useless hand with little chance of improvement.
Rail Top border of craps table. Poker term for the spectators’ area marker.
Rail Bird Term for a cheat who steals chips from the rim of the table.
Raise Poker term where the player plays a previous bet and later increases the amount.
Rake A flat fee or a pot percentage taken by the casino for providing the Poker room services.
Random Number Generator (RNG) It generates numbers at random to decide the winning combinations.
Rank Face value of a card.
Rat Hole Used to refer to the place where a cheat put out of sight the stolen chips or money.
Rating Term for a player’s potential value. Used to determine the level of comps.
Rating Slip
  • A documentation of a dealer’s performance.
  • Player comp activity record sheet.
Rats Dice
Readable Dealer A dealer whose hole cards can be seen.
Readers Glasses worn by the cheat players to spot marked cards.
Ready a Tray Used to describe the way the dealer’s arrange their tray to enable the easy counting of the coin value.
Ready up To get ready
Real Dough A large amount of money.
Real Work Cheats term they use to describe the proper way to pull-off a cheat or scam.
Red Roulette term for a wager on color red.
Reds A five dollar chip.
Red Dog A casino game.
Reel Term for the visible part of the slot machine. The reels contain various symbols.
Reel Strip Settings Casino term for the predetermined payout slot machine percentages.
Reel Timing Act by slot players to time the spin of the reels so that it stops with the desired symbols.

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