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Table Bankroll Refers to the number of chips at the table tray in a table game.
Table Drop
  1. The amount of money exchanged for chips at a table.
  2. The amount placed at the drop box at a particular time.
Table Game A casino game that uses the table as the part of the game.
Table Hopping The action by a player of moving from table to table to try their luck.
Table Limit The maximum and minimum amount of money that has been placed as limit at a certain table game.
Table Stakes This is a Poker game rule. A limit is placed on the chips wagered by a player at a table on the start of hand.
Table Win The amount of money won at a table. This is calculated by finding the difference of the table drop and the missing chips.
  1. Refers to casino receipts.
  2. Accepting bribe.
Take a bet down The act of a player removing a wager from the craps layout.
Take and Pay A casino term for the method used by the dealer to settle the game.
Take an Edge The gaining of a dishonest advantage in gambling.
Take Down The action of removal of a bet.
Take It Craps term where the odds are taken and the dice is backed for this.
Take It From Inside Refers to employee theft.
Take it off the Top Paying off before any payments are made.
Take Me Down Craps term used to notify the dealer that the player wished to remove a wager.
Take Odds (Taking Odds)
  1. Sports betting term for a wager placed on the team that is expected to lose.
  2. A Craps wager placed on a pass-line after the come-out roll.
Take Off Man A cheat player who makes large wagers in an attempt to a scam.
Take Off Pad The area from where the cards are drawn.
Taking the Odds A ‘wrong’ bet in the game of craps.
Taking the Count The act of stopping a game and the guards are allowed to do an inventory at the table.
Tap-Out The total loss of a player bankroll.

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