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Gambling Dictionary - I

IGRA Indian Gaming Regulatory Act
Ice Refers to protection Money
Iceman Refers to a person who collects Protection Money. Also called as Bagman.
In It is also called as Buy-in and refers to the money that the player has replaced for chips at a table.
Indian Dice It is a Native American bar game in which the player gets three throws of five dice. The player has to build the best poker hand possible.
Indian Gaming Regulatory Act It refers to the federal act which was established in 1988. It sets rules for native American casinos. It classifies games into three levels as Class I, Class II, and Class III.
Indicator The name for the clapper at the wheel which determines the winning block.
In Prison It is a term in European Roulette game. Used to refer to the situation when the ball lands in zero. When the situation is an In Prison, all bets are held for another spin. In this second spin, all the bets are considered even money bets.
Inside Used to refer to casino’s position.
Inside bets It is a Roulette term. Used to refer to the wagers placed by the players on the set of numbers inside of the Roulette wheel.
Inside Books Term for the casino employee responsible for the books.
Inside Straight Poker term for the hand that requires the middle number to complete the straight. For example a 2, 5,6, 8, 9 requires a 7 to complete a straight.
Insurance This is a Blackjack side bet and pays 2:1. This is paid out when the dealer’s upcard shows an Ace.
Insurance line The block on the Blackjack table where the player places the insurance bet.
In the Chips Refers to a player who has a lot of money.
In the Clear Refers to a situation where the player is void of any debt.
In the Red Refers to the state of being in debt. Refers to the situation of loosing the game. Refers to a player’s condition of being out of money.
Inside Stick Craps term for a condition where there is only two dealers working and one of them handles the stick.

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