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Gambling Dictionary - D

Daub It’s a cheating technique. The cards are marked with a color to make later detection easier.
Dead-Head Used to refer to a benefactor who is out of money. Used to refer to a non-player.
Dead Table An open table with no players.
Deadwood Players Gamers who lurk around the casino without playing.
Deal Out The dealing of cards to the players. Used to refer to the act of dealing a player out of the game.
Dealer Employee of casino who conducts table games. Also called Croupier.
Dealer Signature Act of some Roulette dealers of spinning the ball in a certain reliable manner.
Deferred Understanding that the commission will be paid at a later time.
Delivery The action of giving the cards to the players.
Denomination Value of the chip, card or cash.
Designated Dealer Rotating of designation to determine who must place the blind bets.
Deuce The two of cards. Two dollar. The two spot on the dice.
Dice Used to refer to the pair of dice used in the craps. It is the plural for die. Each dice has six face and dots numbering from one to six.
Dice are off Used to refer to dice that is no longer true to use. This might be due to use or sue to any cheating effort.
Dice Boat A container on the table that holds the dice not in use.
Dice Chute A plastic cube used to release the dice in some games. This is used to reduce cheating.
Dice Degenerate Used to refer to a Craps player who can’t control his coercion to gamble.
Dice Mechanic A player who is able to throw the dice in a more predictable way.
Dice Picker The casino employee who picks up the dice that has been fallen off or thrown off the Craps table.
Die The singular word for dice. A small cube with numbers from 1 to 6 represented as dots.
Dime Used to refer to a wager of one thousand dollars.
Dirty Money Used to refer to money illegally obtained.
Discard Used card or a hand not used until the next shuffle.
Discard Tray A tray that holds the cards that have been discarded or taken out of play.
Do Craps term. Term for a pass line bet or a come bet.
Dollar A term for a hundred dollar wager.
Dolly An instrument used in Roulette game to mark the winning number.
Don’t Used in craps to designate a don’t pass or a don’t come wager.
Don’t Come Craps bet placed after the come out roll
Don’t Pass Line An area in the craps in which the player makes the don’t pass bets.
Doorman The casino employee who admits the players to the gaming roll.
Double Apron It’s a cheating technique in which pockets are added to the pocket less apron. These pockets are used to hide the chips.
Double deck Blackjack term used to refer to two decks held in dealer’s hand.
Double Down A Blackjack bet in which the player is required to wager an additional bet equal to the original bet and receives one more card to complete the hand.
Double Duke Cheating technique in which the victim is dealt a good hand and the dealer deals him himself a better hand.
Double Exposure A Blackjack variation casino game.
Double Odds The action of taking an odds bet at double the original stake.
Double Up Adding of the same amount of the wager to the existing wager.
Double Zero Used to refer to the American Roulette wheel.
Doubling Up Acting of doubling up the existing wager.
Drag Down The act of removing all or part of a winners wager.

It’s a poker variation.

The action of receiving new cards to replace the discarded cards.
Drop Used to refer to the total amount of cash and markers during a given time frame.
Drop Box The box under the gaming table that acts as a repository for cash, markers and chips.
Drop Box Slot The opening directly over the drop box through which money and other item is securely placed into the drop box.
Dropping The act of the player putting the chip or money into the drop box through the drop box slot.
Drop Percentage Actual money spent in a casino by a player.
Drown Used to refer to a great loss.
Dry Used to refer to the loosing of all the money
Duke Used to refer to a big hand at a casino table.
Dumping Used to describe loosing of a great deal of money.
Dumping off a game Used to refer to a cheating technique in which the dealer allows his accomplice to win money from the casino.

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