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Gambling Dictionary - O

OTB Off Track Betting. Betting away from race track.
Octant Refers to five numbers adjacently placed on a Roulette wheel.
Odds Used to refer to a probability that one event will happen over another event.
Off Used to refer to a wager that is on the table but not active.
Off-Number Bet Craps wager that the shooter will throw or not throw a certain number before a seven.
Off Number Numbers in Craps including four, five, six, eight, nine, and ten.
Off-The-Top Used to refer to the beginning of the deck.
Off-The-Street Getting a job in a casino without the knowledge of anyone in the casino.
On A Craps wager at risk.
On Tilt A poor Poker player.
One Armed Bandit Refers to a slot machine.
One Down A gesture to inform that a die has fallen from the Craps table to the floor.
One Eyed Jack The use of Jack of Hearts and the Jack of Spades as wild cards in the game of Poker.
One Number Bet One Number Bet

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