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Gambling Dictionary - M

Magnet Cheating technique in which the cheat places a magnet on the slot machine to control the reels movement.
Mallard Refers to a hundred dollar bill.
Man Upstairs Used to refer to the top management.
Mark Used to describe the target of the conman.
Marker A promissory note given to a casino assuring that the player will pay off the debt to the casino.
Marker card A plastic card placed in a deck of card to gesture end of play or shuffle.
Marker Down Gesture by the casino personnel  to inform the floor person that a player has paid off their ‘Marker’
Mark Off Process used by a dealer to store stacks of chips in a rack. The dealer marks off each stack with each chip size.
Martingale A negative betting progression where the player doubles the wager after each loss.
Mason A stingy player.
Maximum Largest single wager allowed by the casino for each player.
Mechanic Refers to a dealer who is very skilled at cheating techniques.
Mechanical games Games requiring no skills to play. Keno and slots game fall in this category.
Memphis Dominoes Dice
Mexican Standoff Refers to a gambling session with minimal losses or winnings.
Michigan Bankroll The act or wrapping together large denomination bill over a core of smaller denomination bill to give an effect of a huge amount.
Mini-Baccarat A lower-limit variation of American Baccarat.
Minimum The lowest wager allowed by a casino at a table.
Missout Craps term for the situation where the shooter does not make points.
Mixed Stack A stack of chips with chips of different denomination and colors.
Money Line Sports betting term for the risk taken by a person to lay odds.
Money Wheel A big six wheel
Monkey Refers to a face card.
Mouthpeice Refers to a lawyer
Move Cheating technique involving a trivial of hand.
Muck Poker term for the act of throwing away of cards.
Mucker Cheating technique where the cheater palms and switches cards.
Mug Punter Refers to a gambler who has no good idea of the game odds.
Multiple Action Blackjack A blackjack variation where the player can wager on three hands from the same deck.

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