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Gambling Dictionary - C

C&E A Craps term. Refer to a wager made that covers any craps and eleven.
Cage Location in casino to exchange casino chips for real money.
Calculators People in the calculations room like the mathematicians or odds men.
Call Poker term- The term for matching of a previously made wager.
Call Bet Wager made by verbal cues only.
Call Man The casino employee who runs the Baccarat game.
Caller A person in a Bingo or Keno game who runs the game. He calls out or posts the numbers. He chooses the game pattern also.
Camouflage Activities of a skilled gambler done to conceal it from the casino.
Cane Curved stick used by the stickman.
Capital Money available to a casino or gambler.
Capping bets

Pay off by the dealer by placing the wager directly on the original wager.

Also refers to a cheating method where extra chips are placed on top of the initial bet after the game has begun.
Card Basic device used in number of games. It is usually used as a stack of 52 cards or as 53 cards including the joker in some games.
Card Counting Used in Blackjack game. The player observes and keeps tack of the cards being played on the Blackjack table and assigns a numerical number to low, middle and high cards and keeps a running count figure on the type of cards left in the deck or in the shoe. Card counting is not illegal but it is unwelcome in most casinos.
Card Counting Used in Blackjack game. The player observes and keeps tack of the cards being played on the Blackjack table and assigns a numerical number to low, middle and high cards and keeps a running count figure on the type of cards left in the deck or in the shoe. Card counting is not illegal but it is unwelcome in most casinos.
Card Mechanic Person skilled at manipulating the cards.
Card Sharp

Player expert in card gaming.

Also used for someone who is skillful at cheating in card games.
Caribbean Stud Poker Five card poker game played against the house.
Carousel Group of slot machines arranged in a ring or circle.
Carpet Joint Casino for the high rollers.
Carre Roulette term. It is a wager on four numbers and forms a square on the table.
Carte Blanche

Player with unlimited bank roll.

Used to refer to a hand with no face cards.
Cartwheel A term for a silver dollar.
Case Bet A wager that includes all the money chips a player has.
Case Money Emergency money
Case stuff Used to refer to not well known method of cheating.
Cash Bank Used to refer to the cash given to the banker at the start of the game to handle the transactions.
Cash Out Process of exchanging chips for money.
Cashier The employee responsible for handling transactions.
Cashiers cage Location where players exchange money for chips, chips for money, payoff and other casino financial transactions.
Casing Action of a casino cheat player preparing for their illegal activity by observing their surrounding.
Casino Legally licensed gambling centre. A casino may have attached facilities like restaurants, bars, shops, live theatre and hotel rooms.
Casino administrator Person responsible for policies and procedures of casino.
Casino advantage The edge that the house has over the player. Called House edge or house advantage.
Casino Manager Top person in a casino.
Casino oriented Used to refer a player who favors one casino to others and plays at that casino for a preferably long period of time.
Casino players club System developed to track a player’s wager. This is for the purpose of providing rewards or comps as compensation of the players gaming.
Casino rate Reduced hotel room rate for good customers offered by casinos.
Casino supervisor Casino employee who oversees the casino games.
Catch Refer to the action of selecting a winning Keno number. To catch a number means to mark a number on the keno ticket as drawn.
Catches Used to refer to the numbers that appear on the casino board. The numbers picked by the player.
Caught Up Term used for the situation when a player who owes money cannot pay it back. The credit of the player’s account tit locked.
Center Dealing It is a cheating technique. The cards are dealt from the middle of the deck.
Center Field

Refers to the centre box directly across the dealer in Blackjack.

Refers to the field bet nine in the game of craps.
Century One hundred dollars.
Chance Probability
Change color Swapping of one color denomination of casino chips for another. Casino chips of different color have different denomination.
Check It is a Poker term. In case there is no current bet, then the player can pass. This is called a check.
Chemin de fer A type of Baccarat game common in Nevada. In this Baccarat variation, the players compete against each other.
Chicken Feed It refers to tiny amount of money.
Chill To lose interest.
Chip Token used instead of cash in a casino. Different chips have different color and different denomination. They have different betting denominations. They are sometimes face value like in table games or symbolism as in poker games.
Chip tray The tray in front of the dealer that holds the chips and is used to pay off the winning wagers.
Chippy Term for inexpert player.

Used same as the word chip.

Used to refer to a gambler with a large amount of money.
Chuck a Luck It’s a dice game. Also called Grand Hazard or Hazard.
Chunk Used to refer to a player who regularly makes large bets or a single too large bet.
Circled Game Refers a situation where the sports book reduces the normal betting limit on a game.
Clapper It’s a part of the big six wheel. Its made of leather and makes a noise when it rides on top of the pegs as the wheel is spun. When the wheel stops spinning, the clapper indicates the winning number.
Clean Refers to the action of taking all of a player’s money.
Clean Move Used to refer to a well accomplished cheating action.

Not being found guilty of cheating.

To be free of debt.
Clerk Dealer
Clip To cheat
Clocking Used to refer to a tracking action.
Closed cards Used to refer to cards dealt face down.
C-Note Used to refer to a hundred dollar bill.
Cognette A slot reserved for bank winnings or cut of winnings in a Baccarat game table.
Cold Refers to a tale or game that does not produce a win and is also used to refer to a person unable to produce a win.
Cold Deck A deck or shoe unfavorable to the player.
Cold Dice A dice that doe not make the player’s point.
Cold Player Used to refer to a player who is on a run of bad luck or is on a loosing streak.
Color for color Used by the dealer when he pays off the winning wager by matching the colors of the winning wager.
Color Up Trading of chips of lower denomination for chips of higher denomination.
Combination Association of gamblers
Combination Bet Roulette term for the act of betting on more than one number using a single chip.
Combination Ticket Keno ticket for more than one wager.Come Bet
Come Bet Wager used in craps. Same as pass line wager.
Come Line The line on which the Come Bets are made in a Craps game.
Come Out Roll The first dice roll in the game of Craps.
Come Up A number or chance that wins.
Commission Fee charged by casinos on some games.
Complete Hand Used to refer to a five card hand in Poker
Complimentary Rewards offered to the player for their wager.
Comps Short form for complimentary.
Cop To win a bet
Corker Term for an unusually good or bad player.
Corner Bet Another term for square bet. A roulette game bet in which four numbers intersect.
Count Collective value of all cards played at a given time.
Counter Used to refer to a player who tally’s the cards in Blackjack.
Coup European casino term which indicates a complete round of game play.
Court Cards Court cards refer to the face cards in a deck of cards. The values of face cards differ from zero in Baccarat to ten in Blackjack.
Cover Placing of wager or to accept a bet.
Cowboy Refers to a fast gambler.
Cracking the nut Winning a gambling venture which can cover all expenses and also gives a realistic net profit
Crap out A craps term in which the player rolls a two, three or twelve on the first roll and looses the game.
Crap Shoot A situation where the outcome is unknown.
Craps It is a table dice game. The player bets on the numbers that will be rolled when he rolls two dice.
Craps dealer The person in charge or craps table responsible for paying off and collecting wagers.
Credit Some casino patrons are allowed to play without having money. This is done in the understanding that the person will payback in due time with interest.
Credit Button The button in slot machines or video machines that allow players to get coins as credits.
Credit Manager The person who decides if a player is eligible for credit and the amount that can be given as credit.
Croupier The term used instead of dealer in Europe.
Curator Baccarat term for the player whose turn is to deal.
Currency Coins and paper money
Cushion Money that is held back also called as reserve bankroll.
Cut An action done after shuffling the cards to ensure an unbiased shuffle. The cards are split into two piles and they are put in a different order.
Cut Card A faceless card usually made of plastic that is inserted into the deck of cards to be shuffled to cut the deck.
Cut Cheques The action of creating two or more separate but equal stacks of chips by the dealer. Also known as thumb cut or a drop cut.
Cut Into Matching of a stack of chips of one color with another stack of a same color.
Cut Tokes Dividing of tips among the dealers.
Cut up Jackpots The exaggerated discussion of the large pervious wins in the open.

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