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Baccarat It is a casino game. It has 6 or 8 decks of cards and does not require skill. The goal is to reach closest to 9 without going over. It is also known as Chemin de fer, Nevada Baccarat, Punto Banco or American Baccarat.
Baccarat Banque Baccarat variation in which the bank is always the casino.
Baccarat Pit The casino location where the Baccarat tables are located.
Back betting A bet is placed on a players hand by someone not involved in the play. The ‘back bettor’ has no say on how the hand is played.
Back Line The “Don’t Pass” line.
Back Line Odds Odds placed on the point number when bet is placed on the “Don’t Pass” line.
Back to Back Win of multiple hands in a row.
Backer Man A person who finances a game.
Ball A spherical object which is spun in a roulette wheel. It falls into a numbered slot. The ball is made of specific standards.
Ball Out The situation when the ball leaves the roulette wheel during a spin. This invalidates the current spin.
Banco It is the bank position in Chemin de Fer. A bet placed by a player covering the entire bank.
Banco Suivi This is a bet called by the player when the player wants to bet against the bank again after loosing a coup.
Bang Up The closing of a game by a boss or supervisor.
Bank The house of the dealer who pays off bets. The starting amount of bets at a table.
Bank Craps A craps variation in which the house or casino banks the action.
Bank Hand A betting position in the game of Baccarat.
Banker The banker pays all winning bets and receives all losing bets. Usually the casino is the banker, but in some games the player is allowed to be the banker.
Banking game A game in which the player bets against the house and not against each other.
Bankroll Refers to the total amount of money a player has in his hand set aside for gambling activities. It is a key element in money management.
Bankroll Man The financier of a game.
Bar the 12 It is a craps term. It turns a 12 on the Don’t Pass Bar into a Push.
Barred A barred or banned player in a casino is not allowed in the casino.
Base Dealer The dealer who presides over the base.
Basic Strategy The set of plays that can maximize the game advantage. It is usually used to refer to Blackjack choices used to dictate play.
Bean A low value chip.
Beat Beat means to overcome the odds.
Beefer A player with a complaint
Benji A one hundred dollar bill.
Bet A wager or gamble placed by a player in a casino.
Bet Blind A bet placed by a player without looking at his cards first.
Bet the Limit A wager amount placed which matches the table’s or house’s maximum allowed wager.
Bet the pot A bet equal in amount to the current total of all wagers made to that time.
Betting Limit The maximum and minimum amount of money that a player can wager on one bet.
Betting Progression A betting that uses the standing of the previous wager to determine the next wager.
Betting Ratio It is the mathematical ratio between the lowest and highest bet placed by a player.
Betting Right It’s a term in Craps gaming. It is referred to a bet with the shooter.
Betting System Rules system that helps the player to determine how to allot money for each game.
Betting Wrong Betting against the Shooter or on the Don’t Pass Line.
Bias Used to refer to a Roulette wheel that has not been properly balanced and therefore favors certain numbers over other.
Big Bertha Used to refer to an over sized slot machine.
Big Blind The term for an ante in the game of Texas Hold’Em.
Big Dick Another term for point ten in the game of craps.
Big Order Used to designate large bets.
Big Six This is a game. It uses a large wheel placed vertically and has varied payoffs. It is also called ‘The Wheel of Fortune’ or ‘Money Wheel’.
Bill It is used to refer to a one dollar bill.
Bingo It is a game played with ball and cards. The cards are divided into horizontal and vertical lines. The player has to match the numbers on the cards to the numbers on the balls. Numbers are called until 1 player wins.
Bird Used to refer a person who appears to enjoy loosing his money.
Black A roulette wager that pays even money.
Black Book It is a book issued by the Nevada Gaming Commission. It contains pictures and names of known cheats. Allowing these listed people to enter a casino will lead to the loss of the casino license.
Blackjack It is commonly called 21. The goal of the game is to get the total value of the card in hand close to 21 without exceeding 21.
Blacklist Same as Black Book. Has a list of undesirables who have been banned from playing at casinos.
Blacks Another term for a hundred dollar chip.
Blind Bet It is a required bet most Poker games in the place of an Ante. The players wager on the upcoming hand.
Blinds A forced bet in Hold’em Poker
Blow Term used to refer to a situation of being caught cheating or to lose.
Bluff It’s a trick used in poker. In spite of having a weak hand, the player wagers so as to make belief the player that they hold a strong hand. The goal is to make the other player fold.
Board It’s a poker term. Used to refer to the location of the community cards.
Bonus Anything of value given to a player like points, cash, gift etc.
Bouleur Another name for a person who spins the Roulette wheel.
Bouncer  A term referring to a check that cannot be collected because of insufficient funds.
Box The craps table location where the proposition bets are placed usually located in the centre of the table.
Bonus Money Online casinos give away cash bonuses to the players.
Box cars Craps term. The rolling of two sixes by the shooter.
Boxmen The person who supervises a craps game.
BP Used to refer to a big player also called as high roller.
Break Term in Blackjack for a hand that goes over 21.
Break a Game Used to refer a situation when a table has lost all of its money to one or more players.
Break even Player or house wins an amount equal to the wager placed.
Break In A situation where a player with little or no experience secures a dealer’s job in a casino.
Break the Deck A Blackjack strategy where the cards are reshuffled to defeat a card counter. 
Break the Bank Refer to a table which has lost all of its chips for the night and has to shut down.
Bring-in It is a mandatory opening bet in the first round in Seven Card Stud. It is made by the player who has the smallest up-card.
Buck Term for a one dollar bill.
Buck the game Term used when the player bets against the house.
Bug A Joker.
Bullet Term used for Ace.
Bum Move A suspicious action by a player.
Bum Steer Bad or incorrect information
Bundle A huge bankroll
Burn After shuffling, one or multiple cards is removed from the top of the deck. This is done to prevent cheating.
Burned Cards Card or cards removed from the deck of cards after a burn.
Bust cards It’s a Blackjack term. It is used to describe dealers up card if it is a two, three, four, five or six.
Bust hand It’s a Blackjack term. It is used to describe a hand with total between twelve and sixteen. Also called Hard hand.
Busters Mis-spotted dice.
Button The marker used in Hold’Em poker to mark the dealer’s position. It is also used to refer to the marker used in Roulette to identify the value of a player’s chips temporarily. Button is also used to refer to the small marker used in craps to identify the different types of wagers.
Buy It’s a Craps term. Used to refer to the placing of wager on a particular number. The wager wins if that particular number rolls in before a seven.
Buy Behind It is a craps term. It is similar to Buy but the player wagers true odds behind a point number. It is placed with a hope that the number will not be rolled before a seven.
Buy In Table chips are exchanged for money to play. This act is known as Buy In. Purchasing of chips to play with.

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