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Gambling Dictionary - H

Hand Refers to the group of cards a player receives in a card game. Used to refer to the total number of rolls and the length of the time the shooter has from the come out roll in the game or Craps.
Hand Mucker This is a cheating technique. The player palms or switches cards.
Hand off This is a cheating technique. Cheating by the dealer where the dealer secretly passes chips to his associate player.
Handicapper The official person on the track who gives weights to certain horses.
Handle Refers to the sum money that changes hand before it is actually won or lost.
Handle Slamming This is a slot machines cheating technique. The player tries to control the reels by pulling the handle and slamming it back up.
Hanger This is a cheating technique. The player leaves a portion of the bill sticking out of the drop box in the expectation to retrieve it later. Also known as earring.
Hard Count The act of counting coins or ‘hard money’.
Hard Hand Refers to a Blackjack hand that does not contain an Ace.
Hard Total Same as Hard hand.
Hardway Craps term for the act of rolling a 4, 6, 8 or 10 by rolling doubles like 2’s, 3’s, 4’s or 5’s.
Has a sign on his back Used to refer to a person who is watched upon as a cheat and is recognized by the casino personnel.
Hay Another word for money or chips.
Head The Roulette term for the part of the wheel that fits into the bowl and spins. Also used to refer to the restroom.
Head Count The total number of players in a casino room at a particular time.
Head On Term for a game in which there is only one player playing against the dealer.
Heart Term used to refer to courage, fortitude and guts.
Heat Used to refer to the act of the dealer scrutinizing or pressurizing the dealer. Used to refer to the comments made by the Blackjack dealers to the players to suggest that they have been detected of card counting. Used to refer to the level of security to reduces cheating.
Heavy hand Used to refer to a hand which has more cards than it is supposed to have.
Heel Refers to a player who is stingy. Refers to a player who is a jerk. Used to refer to the act of separating a wager made with chips of more than one color.
High Stakes gambler Same as High-roller.
High/Low Craps term for a wager placed on two and twelve.
High-roller Used to describe a player who every time placed high amount wagers.
Hit Blackjack term for the signal that the dealer has to deal another card for the players hand.
Hit and Run The action of a player of winning hurriedly and leaving the game.
Hit It The act of making a preferred number or point in the game of Craps.
Hit the Boards Used to describe the action of a player leaving the casino. A term used by the stickman in the game of Craps to ask the shooter to ensure that the players next throw the dice hit the rail.
Hold The money kept hold of by the casino after the player exchanges his casino chip of slot machine tokens.
Hold out It is a cheating technique. The player keeps some cards out of play in the plan of later placing them in their hand.
Hold out machine It is a cheating device that allows the player to ‘hold out’ cards.
Hold percentage The amount of money the casino wins.
Hole card Refers to the dealer’s card that is dealt face down. Refers to the cards dealt face down on the board in the game of Texas Hold’em poker.
Hole card play Used to describe the cheating techniques in which the cheat tries to see the dealer’s hole card.
Hook Sports betting term for a half point used to eradicate a tie.
Hooked Act of loosing money.
Hop Refers to a situation where the wager is determined by the next roll of the dice in the game of craps.
Hot Refers to a machine or table that repeatedly generates winners. Also refers to a person who wins repeated
House Another term for a casino.
House Limit The limit set by the casino on the wager amount. The casino does not allow wagers over a certain amount.
House Advantage The casino edge over the players win.
House Dealer A person employed by the casino as a dealer.
House Edge The advantage the casino has over the player. It is usually expressed as percentage.
House numbers The zero and double zero on a Roulette wheel.
House Odds The amount of cash the casino pays to the winner.
Host Term for the casino employee who is responsible for marketing and makes sure that the high rollers continue to play.
Hunch Players Used to refer to a player who wagers with little or no knowledge of the game.
Hustling Action done to get gifts or tips
Hypster Used to refer to a player who cheats the casino by changing the cashier.

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