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Gambling Dictionary - P

Pack Unopened deck of playing cards.
Package The cheating technique of switching a pre stacked deck of cards with the actual playing cards.
Pack Up Act of leaving a game.
Paddle Plastic board used by the dealer to push the money into the drop box.
Pad Roll A cheating technique where the dice is made to roll without spinning.
Pai Gow A table game played with domino-type playing pieces and dice. The game is played with seven players and a banker.
Paint Refer to a Jack, Queen, King or 10.
Pair Refer to an Even wager in European Roulette. Poker term for a hand of two cards of same value.
Pair Splitting The act of splitting two cards of same value to two hands.
Palm A cheating technique where the player during dealing the card places the unwanted cards into the hollow of the cheats’ hand.
Pan A card game.
Panhandler A person who asks money from players.
Paper A term for money
Pari-mutuel Races in which the wagers are pooled and winnings are determined.
Parlay Sports betting term for a wager placed on a combination of games. Refer to the act of increasing the winnings by multiple wagers.
Partage Another term for Le Partage
Party A term used by cheats to gesture a prospect for scam.
Pass Craps term for a natural roll o a roll before a seven.
Passé European Roulette term for wager placed on large numbers.
Passers Refers to a crooked dice.
Pass Line Craps term which means the table area to make pass bets or refers to the basic wager in which the player bets with the shooter.
Pat Refers to hand of seventeen or more in Blackjack.
Pathological Gambling A mental disorder where the player cannot stop wagering.
Pay Off Collection of bet.
Pay Off Odds The proportion used to establish the pay off.
Payout Casino term for the players’ winnings.
Payout Interval The time taken by a casino to payout the winnings.
Pay Out Board The act of the casino of paying out every player at the table without considering the count total.
Pay Table The table on slot machines that display the payout for each combination.
Payline The lines on which the symbols must lien up for the player to win in the game of slots.
Payoff Wining money on a bet.
P.C Percentage of house advantage over the player.
Peek Freak A term used to describe a hole card player impolitely.
Peeking Cheating technique where the player peeks at the card being dealt.
Peek the Poke A cheaters term for the effort required to determine the money a mark has in their wallet.
Peg Craps term for a puck or maker in the number.
Pegging Cheating technique used by players where the cheats mark the playing cards.
Pencil Used to refer to a person who has the power to write comps.
Penny Ante Refer to wager made for very small amount.
Pepper Refers to a victim of a gambling cheat.
Perceived Risk Used to refer to how a player sees or views the negative action.
Percentage Refers to house advantage. Cheating techniques where the dice is altered to alter the advantage.
Percentage Game A banking game with advantage being obtained through disproportionate odds.
Percentage Tops and Bottoms A Cheating technique where the player uses mis-spotted dice.
Perfects Refer to dices which are 1/500 of an inch of being a perfect cube.
Philistines Loan Sharks
Phoebe Craps term for to indicate that the point is five.
Phony Used to refer to a cooked dice or a fake person

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