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Gambling Dictionary - J

Jackpot The top prize in slot machines and is used to refer to any large prize at any game in a casino.
Jeton French gaming token.
Jimbroni Used to refer to a dealer who is slow thinking.
Jit Another term for five cents.
Jog It is a cheating technique. In this technique a card is set slightly protruding from the deck and acts as a marker for illegal shuffles and cuts.
Johnson Act The act that was passed in the 1950’s that banned the use of slot machines.
Joint Another term for a casino.
Joint Bank Used to define the action of two players combining their money and jointly paying off the total amount. The win and loss is jointly paid off by the players.
Jug Another term for a jail.
Juice Refers to the vigorish in Baccarat.
Juice joint This is a cheating technique. The Craps dice is electrically controlled using a electro-magnet.
Junket This is the comp points offered to rated players by the casino and the casino pays for all player expenses.

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