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Gambling Dictionary - W

Walk A player who leaves the game.
Walk With The maximum amount of the player can walk away with.
Wash The act of mixing of multiple decks before shuffling the cards.
Way bet A keno ticket which is marked to have numbered bet combinations.
Way off Defective.
Way Ticket A Keno ticket which groups numbers into multiple bets.
Weed Cheating technique where the bills are removed while money is being handled.
Weight Used to refer to a dice that has been altered to be a loaded dice.
Welsh Failure to pay a gambling bet or debt.
Welsher A player who does not pay out the losses.
Whale A high roller.
Wheel Roulette Wheel
Wheel Roller Roulette dealer.
Whip Shot A dice spin mechanism used by the skilled players in the game of craps where the dice just spins on the table with a flat spinning motion to obtain the desired number when the spinning stops.
Whip Cup A cheating device where the dice cup has its inner surface polished.
Whirl A wager that covers the seven and the horn numbers.
White on White Cards marked with white on white border.
Whites One dollar.

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